Small Mindeness in Small World Play…

I read a brilliant blog post yesterday from Lucy at and it got my inner feminist all riled up!

In my day job I am a “woman in a man’s world” a female Engineer, swimming against the current, fighting the gender stereotypes. I am a Aerospace Engineer. A woman living in a “Mans World” and I often come across all sorts of gender sterostypes, I get called Kevin on a weekly basis because someone hasn’t read my email properly. It drives me a little do-lally.


I am trying to bring up Sebastian and bump when he comes along in the best and only way I know how. To be whatever they want to be. To play with whatever they want to play with.

I have tried to give Sebastian a wide variety of toys to play with, and I like to think he has a good balance. He has a doll and a pram and a play kitchen and he has cars and trucks and building blocks. He has a bright pink handbag that he carries a collection of balls around in; he has no preference if the toy is pink or blue, or green or yellow. If it’s fun to play with, it’ll get played with.

EY01441 EY01444

One thing that really gets my goat is small world play. I did a quick search on the TTS website yesterday which is where nurseries and schools go to buy educational toys and resources, and found the following small world toys. It makes me so sad and cross that already a pre-school age children are being forced into looking at job roles from a male for female perspective.

Because all teachers are women, and all firefighters are men… All Doctors are men and the nurses are women… Didn’t you know?EY01366


One thought on “Small Mindeness in Small World Play…

  1. I read an article in the news on this subject the other day, that there were a lack of female people in what roles were considered male. I’m on two sides of the fence of wanting to be a total feminist and be so horrible disgusted at this but then I’m the other where I’m strong enough not to let some doll dressed as a firefighter stop me from doing that job because I wanted to. I’m more for teaching our children to have the strength and backbone to give two fingers to these dolls and go with whatever they want to do in life.

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