Week 37 – Full Term…


According to the baby books and apps, the littlest member of our family is about 49cms long and weighs around 6 ¼ lbs.

He is now classed as full term!! He will continue to gain weight and plump up now until the birth.

As with last week he is moving away all day and night, and doesn’t seem to be running out of room any time soon.

Preparations for the New Arrival

Week 37 means my hospital bags are now packed in the car! So if I go into labour while im at work and need to make a quick dash to hospital I have everything with me I might need all the time.

I’ve also been and done a huge supermarket shop, and the cupboards and freezers are jammed full of easy meals and essentials to help me through those first few days as we adjust to out new family.

I went to pick the pram up on Friday and I’m just a little bit in love with its shiny newness! I can’t wait to proudly push my babies out in it for the first time.



I’m feeling pretty ready for the birth now, there isn’t anything left to buy or arrive, and im struggling a bit physically keeping up with Sebastian. I am getting quite excited now to see how we work together as a family of 4.

My body temperature seems to be sky high, and im constantly in some flushed sweaty state even with the change in temperature turning things a bit cooler I still seem to be cooking.

I’ve had a very busy weekend, and think I may have over done it slightly. After going to pick the pram up on Friday I stopped over at my mums Friday night. Then on Saturday I helped to move my sister (who needs to get blogging again!!) back into her new house in Liverpool for university, a quick trip to Ikea on the way home and then watching my brother play rugby in the afternoon, all while running around after Sebastian totally wore me out and started my back pain again! I wish I’d bloody learn! This has then in turn, affected my sleep! Such a vicious cycle! I do too much, tire myself out so need to sleep yet hurt my back so I end up lying awake in the middle of the night!



One thought on “Week 37 – Full Term…

  1. Exciting times ahead! It’s hard to find the time to relax the second time around isn’t it? Please try and do a better job of putting you feet up this weekend though 😉
    p.s love the pram!

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