Toddler Fashion…

I have to admit toddler fashion scared the bejesus out of me, and I have flat out refused to dress Sebastian in anything other than clothes from the baby range (0-18 months) since he was born, seeing them all as too grown up… The stiff fabrics, button up trousers and non-elasticated waist band would bring me out in a cold sweat. They just looked so uncomfortable, so restrictive, there would be plenty of time for all of that when he was a bit bigger, he was only going to be a baby once.

I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I possibly could. Much to the annoyance of the mother in law who would constantly tell me I had to let him grow up at some point.

The only problem is he is growing! How dare he get bigger!! And now he just doesn’t fit into the baby clothes any more. Sob! To be fair, he’s been toddling for 5 months now so it is about time we began to embrace clothes for toddlers.

At the weekend Dadda and I headed out to buy Sebastian’s Autumn/Winter Wardrobe. I like to do it at the beginning of the season when there is still lots of choice.

I actually really enjoyed looking and picking out all of the little grown up outfits, and loved the new colour palates for this year. It looks like Sebastian will be spending the next six months in jewel tones, mustard yellows, browns and greys, with the odd splash of colour thrown in for good measure.


What do you think?


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