Bath Time…

I don’t know how people cope without having a bath… At least once a week; I love to have a nice relaxing soak, with a good book, some relaxing music, perhaps a glass of wine, sometimes a face mask or a new pamper product, for a little bit of me time, some time to sit down and unwind, without distractions.

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I think it’s the no distractions that make it one of my favourite times with Sebastian. As we get to focus totally on each other. We sing songs, play and chat and it sometimes feels like he does so much of his learning in that white tub. I remember the first time he said “bubble” I think I instantly melted with pride. It was his first proper two syllable word, and it was so clear and recognisable. He seemed to instantly grow up in that split second, suddenly I was packing him off to university before my very eyes!





While I’ve been back at work, ive found myself rushing to get out the door of the office so I can make it home in time to enjoy our special time together before bed.

I must have taken hundreds of  photos of Sebastian in the bath, in fact in his first year photo book, we have an entire page dedicated to bath time, and I love looking back through them all, seeing how he has developed and grown up, you can really see the changes in him, and his growing personality in each photo, I don’t know if that’s because it’s totally stripped back and you can’t hide behind toys and clothes when you are just as nature intended, but cheeky smile here, a new tooth there, sitting up, standing up, watching my baby becoming my little boy.

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Now he is mobile, bath time is even more important to our bonding time as I can keep him still{ish} in one place for more than 5 minutes, I sit there on the bathroom floor or sometimes in the bath too telling him about our days, the things we have done and places we’ve seen, asking him questions I know soon I’ll be getting proper answers to, rather than a yes or a no or a splash in the face!


I spent a lot of time in the bath with Sebastian when he was younger, it was one of my favourite places to breastfeed and in the early new born haze it was so handy to be able to get us bathed at the same time, I think it helped us bond massively, I can’t wait until there are two little bottoms bobbing about in the water, and I wonder how they will interact, or if Sebastian will want to spend all his time splashing and swimming up and down the bath that we will have to do baths separately for a while.




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