Week 36 – Ouch!


According to the baby books and apps, the littlest member of our family is about 47cms long and weighs almost 6lbs.

His lungs are almost fully developed and if he were to be born this week, it would probably be the last week he would require to go into an incubator.

He will be beginning to lose the downy hair that has covered his body.

He is still moving away all day and night, and I can definitely identify where his bum is nestled right in my ribcage and the constant kicks from his huge feet on my right hand side.

Preparations for the New Arrival

Our bags are packed! One for me, one for baby and one for Sebastian. Hopefully I’ve remembered all the important stuff, but even as I write this I can think of a few bits I still need to pack. At least I’ve remembered I need to pack a towel for me this time! Note to self:- Breastpads, lipbalm.

Can anyone else think of anything I may have forgotten?

Dadda and I went out at the weekend and did some shopping for Sebastian, hopefully he will have enough clothes to last him through the winter and we shouldn’t need to get anything until he turns two, we just need a winter coat and shoes.


I am in some serious pain. I don’t quite know how it happened but on Wednesday while out for a walk something happened to my back, I don’t know if baby turned but I am in some serious agony. My lower back feels like it’s been trampled on by elephants. It hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to lie down. I could cry.

It was my birthday on Thursday and after a lovely day out and a yummy curry with friends I woke up at 1.30am crying out in pain. I ran to the bathroom and emptied the contents on my stomach, my back felt like it was about to explode. Convinced I was in early labour with a back to back baby, I cleaned the vomit from the bath and crawled back to bed, waking Dadda up to go and run me a bath.

The hot water was a huge relief and I stayed in the bath becoming more and more prune like until 4.30am, topping up the hot water as I needed to. Eventually the pain subsided and I managed to get out of the bath and back to bed. Needless to say, im not currently cradling a newborn and it wasn’t labour, just perhaps a dodgy curry!

The back is still sore and sleep is becoming a bit of a nightmare, the rubbish they put on the TV at 4am is crazy! A nightly bath or hot shower before I get into bed seems to help and im getting a few hours in before the pain and insomnia creep back up. I’m starting to feel a bit fed up and ready to be having this baby now, and I’m convinced I’ll be getting more sleep with a newborn than im getting now.


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