Week 35 – September


According to the baby books and apps, the littlest member of our family is about 46cms long and weighs about 5 ¼ pounds.

He is on rapid weight gain, putting on a third of a pound per week at the moment.

He is busy building up that well remembered meconium, as his digestive system is now working.

If he were to be born now, his suckle reflexes are developed enough for us to be able to breastfeed.

Preparations for the New Arrival

There isn’t much to report this week, other than having a few bits and bobs delivered, such as the baby bouncer, we haven’t done much to prepare. After finishing the nursery last week, I think we deserved the rest.

The pram has also been delivered to the shop we bought it from, but we will probably wait a few more weeks before we pick it up.

I’ve been doubling up on the cooking duties, making twice as much as we needed for teas and the freezer is filling up nicely. So far we’ve got chillis, curries and pasta bakes, all portioned up frozen ready for those first few days/weeks. I think I’ll maybe do a few more meals and then concentrate on keeping the store cupboard stocked.


You’ll be glad to hear it’s been a good week on the sleep front, apart from last night… Sebastian has a slight cold so he spent the night in bed with us, queue lots of tossing and turning and waking up with a foot in my face on numerous occasions.

My indigestion has eased slightly too, which makes me think we are getting ready for his arrival, but he is still moving around a lot so I don’t think he’s running out of room at all!

My bump is tiny compared to last time, below is a picture taken at 34 ½ weeks, and the bump tape from the same time, last pregnancy, and although I am measuring perfectly on the line both times I can’t get over the difference in bump size. I think last pregnancy I had a lot of fluid retention, and seemed to put on weight on my back and waist as well, this time it’s all baby so far.



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