Hello September!

Phew! We made it! September is here! There will be no summer born boy in our house!

When I had decided the time was right to start trying for a baby, i kept my decision a secret for two months from Dadda. Being six years older than me he had been desperate to start a family for months, it was his body clock that was ticking rather than mine, he wanted children before he was 30! End of conversation. For his 28th birthday, I had whisked him away to Edinburgh for two nights, booked us into the swankiest hotel either of us had ever seen, bought tickets for the musical we will rock you and planned all sorts of surprises.

The biggest surprise of all would be to tell him, i was ready to start a family. So as we sat there getting ready to head out for the evening my alarm went off. Reminding us both to take my pill. I handed the pill to Dadda and told him it was his decision if i took it or not… I was ready when he was!

I didn’t take the pill that night, or the night after that. We had started to try for a family!

You see it was the 16th of December and i had done the calculations, even if we were lucky to catch right away, i wouldn’t be having a baby until at least the following September.

It took us 18 stressful months to conceive Sebastian. Well apart from those three months i feigned headaches/tiredness, to avoid falling pregnant at the wrong time, to avoid a summer born baby! I feel awful for writing it down, for admitting it. I didn’t want a baby to be born in the summer months.

My mum is an early years teacher so I had seen and heard stories about children not ready for school, days after their fourth birthdays, trying to be integrated into a school system of routine and structure when all they should be doing is running around playing, going to feed the ducks and messy play. I didn’t want to buy a school uniform for my three year old baby. I wanted to give my child the best possible chance of succeeding academically. I am a September baby; In fact it’s my birthday on Thursday. I loved being one of the oldest in my class, the first to drive, the first to be able to legally drink in a bar, the first to get my belly button pierced… Ugh grim!!

Then again when it became time to try for a second baby, i considered the timings again. I wanted at least 18 months between Sebastian and any new arrival and that worked out that we could begin trying in November!! UH OH!! That’s a big no no month! November means august, so i casually (read sneakily) said to Dadda, that we should wait until after Christmas, to let me enjoy it, eat the Pate and drink the Baileys.

Over the weekend i read the following article and it made me chuckle! I am one of those women. The women people comment about,


i know every child is different and each child is ready for school at different times, and i know I’ve an extra years childcare to fund as a result, but when i see how different Sebastian is from month to month and how much he develops and changes i want to give my children as much time as I can for them to be truly ready to join the big wide world.


One thought on “Hello September!

  1. My oldest son is an August baby and will be starting school next year just days after turning 4! I do worry about him a little bit but he is getting on really well at pre-school and the first year at school doesn’t seem too different to that so hopefully he will be ok! The School he is going too also has four forms which they separate by age so his class will be Jun-Aug which should help.

    I know what you mean though 4 does seem very little to be starting out in the big wide world!

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