Role Models…

I have just watched the Miley Cirus performance from the VMAs in all it’s uncomfortable, tongue out “twerking” glory, and to say it made me uncomfortable is an understatement.

Whether she likes it or not, this girl is Hannah Montana. The sweet Disney girl, someone thousands of girls grew up looking up to, she is/was young, pretty and successful. What wasn’t to love. Her new image is just a bit… seedy. It makes me sad to think that there will be young girls out there who saw their childhood starlet act like that on stage in front of all those people and think it may be acceptable behaviour.

I was never really one for celebrity role models growing up preferring to look up to the wonderful women in my life. My mum especially.

She is such a strong, caring woman. Who no matter what life has thrown at her, has always put her children first. She is my best friend.

She is a brilliant Ga Ga to Sebastian and I love watching their relationship grow. It is lovely to see how she is with him as it brings back so many memories of how she was with us, as we were growing up.

She has made me into the mother I am, supported me in my parenting choices, and taught me every silly song and nursery rhyme I know. She was there to teach me at his first bath and a shoulder to cry on when new born exhaustion took over.

Love you mum. Xxx


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