Week 34 – Oh My Tired!


According to the baby books and apps, the littlest member of our family is about 45cms long and weighs almost 5 pounds.

He is beginning to develop his own immune systems, instead of relying totally on the placenta.

The amniotic fluids are completely replenising themselves every three hours with fluids from the baby.

After visiting the midwife last week, she confirmed that he is still in a head down position with his back to my front, there is no sign of engagement yet which is a good thing, as I would love to get to September without an early arrival. Purely as the thought of buying school uniform when he is 3 years old makes me a little bit sick.

Preparations for the New Arrival

One huge development this week… The nursery is finished!! Yay! I am so happy with it! We spent a few days last week building furniture and unpacking all of Sebastian’s baby clothes. I found it very emotional finding all of my favorites packed away and trying to remember Sebastian so small. I can’t wait for his little brother to wear them. So we are ready to go for the first 6 months at least.

I’ve also started to write a list for packing our bags for when I go into labour. It’s difficult to remember what I actually found useful last time and with 3 bags to pack I better get cracking, a bag for Mamma, a bag for baby and a bag for Sebastian, as he will be going to stay with my mum for a few days.


Oh My Tired!! I am so tired. I think I did too much getting the nursery ready and I’ve not felt right since. My energy levels have taken a serious nose dive and I’m struggling.

Sleep has become a bit of a nightmare too, I am awake every night for at least an hour at some point, I wake up hot and uncomfortable and by the time ive cooled off and got comfy again baby is doing a merry dance on my bladder and it’s off to the loo again. Then the longer I lie there trying to drift back off the more agitated I begin to feel and I can’t relax! Argh!!

On Saturday night I had the worst awake episode so far. I lead awake from 12pm until 3.45am, it completely threw my body clock and I tried to put Sebastian to bed at 5.30 thinking it was 7.30 last night. No wonder he was so grumpy and upset through his tea and the bedtime routine. When I eventually got him to sleep and went back down stairs I saw it was just before 7pm… I am a terrible mother!


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