An empty bed… An empty heart…



Tonight Sebastian is having a sleepover at my mums; it will be the second time since his birth that I won’t have been there in the morning when he wakes up. And even though he won’t go until his bedtime, I’ll pine for him all night; wake up in a panic that he’s not there. Go and check his bedroom and his bed are actually empty. I hate it when I’m not with him, and I feel guilty as we don’t get that much time together anyway, to have a day off and not be with him is torture. Just as that little cot is empty so is a bit of my heart.


It is another step to prepare him for when he goes to stay for a few days when his brother arrives and also to give Dadda & I a chance to have some toddler free time to build some flat pack furniture for the new nursery, sort out teeny tiny clothes and catch up on housework and each other. So he is going tonight and spending tomorrow all day with my mum.



Sebastian loves his “Ga-Ga” so much and will shout out for her for about a mile as we drive to her house, somehow knowing exactly where we are going. Sebastian has more toys and books than he does at home, and a huge garden to run around in. He loves being there, especially to play with his little red car, which he goes searching for as soon as we arrive.



He regularly goes to bed at my mums, when we go for an evening to be lifted from cot to car seat to cot as we go home, going to sleep then waking up in different surroundings never seem to faze him, in fact there isn’t much that fazes my brave little boy. You see I know totally 100% that he will be fine, it’ll be me that is a bit tear-y at bedtime.



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