Growing up…

My Darling Baby Boy…

I’m not sure you understand this, but soon you will be a big brother. Soon you will be sharing your life with another little boy, our baba.

For weeks we have been trying to prepare you for the big change you are about to face, we’ve read books about it and talked about having a baba in Mammas tummy. You blow raspberrys on my tummy and kiss it and give it a cuddle, and if we ask you where the baba is you point to my tummy, or lift your T-shirt to show me your own.


You are wonderful with babies, we are very lucky that Mamma & Dadda best friends have had a baby recently and you get to spend a lot of time with her. You love her so much, and call her name when we pull up the car outside her house, but we go home at the end of the day and its just us again. Mamma, Dadda & you, and Delilah the dog of course.



As I’ve grown and my bump has got bigger, its been getting harder to run around after you and carry you constantly. I am tired, not only physically but emotionally too, especially when you are testing the boundaries and learning so much about things that are right and wrong. We have been trying to help you become independent, so it wont be so much of a shock for you when a new baby will be here and will need so much of our time. We have been asking you to walk nicely holding Mamma or Daddas hand when we are getting you in and out of the car. Teaching you to go up and down the stairs safely, and to eat nicely without launching your food across the room.

I take a step back and whilst I am so, so proud of the little boy you are becoming, I worry so much that I am making you grow up too fast. You are so much a Mammas boy, and I dont want you to be upset that soon you are going to have to share me. I want to promise you that while you will have to share my time you wont share my love. I couldn’t possibly love you any less.

Lots of Love

Mamma xxxxx



2 thoughts on “Growing up…

  1. What a lovely letter. I remember feeling all the exact same emotions as you when I was pregnant with my second. But I promise he will be ok. My little girl has thrived since the birth of her sister. And I love her even more as a result, she is incredible! x

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