Week 33 – Busy Bee!


According to the baby books and apps, the littlest member of our family is about 44cms long and weighs about 4 1/4 pounds.

He is apparently at full length now and will spend the next 7ish weeks fattening up, ready for the birth. Although if he’s anything like his big brother he will be much longer and not so fat.

Preparations for the New Arrival

We have been very busy this week, I think the nesting instincts may finally have started. The nursery is empty and is being decorated right now! Eeeeek! I can’t wait to get home to see how it looks. A few more bits and bobs for the nursery have been ordered too and a baby bouncer chair.

Oh! I almost forgot!!! We have also ordered the pram!! After much searching we decided on one but I’ll share which on a later post.

I also thought I best start stocking up on the newborn nappies, maternity towels, breast pads and disposable knickers, as I’ll be packing my hospital bag in the next week or so.


Mamma is feeling much better this week, its amazing what a little rest will do. I’m still struggling with the pram, but luckily Dadda has done most of the pushing when we’ve been out and about.

Sleep has been better and touch wood, I’ve not had any late night cramp, just one nights bad indigestion.

Bump seems to be expanding by the minute, every time I look down I seem to be a little bit rounder, I’m still all bump and definitely not carrying as much fluid this time either.

I’m finding myself a little short of breath at times as baby starts to press on my diaphragm and ribcage, especially once I’ve run up and down stairs


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