Prams. The Traditional

 The biggest challenge I faced when pregnant was finding a pram I loved. Both times I’ve found it a huge challenge to pick something I would be proud to push my boys around in. The problem is… I hate modern prams.

I hate the fact that poor babies are bundled into car seats, taken out of cars, have the car seat thrown on top of a pram, walked for hours around town still in the car seat, fed, still in the car seat and then have the car seat put back in the car for the drive home. I know for sure if I were a baby my poor back would be in agony by the end of the day. Maybe that’s a little harsh, maybe I don’t hate prams, maybe I just hate car seats, or other parents! Most travel systems come with a carry cot attachment, yet so few people actually use it.

My visions of parenthood were filled of pushing my bouncing baby along the promenade in a vintage Silver Cross pram. You can’t exactly get a Silver Cross in the back of a mini however. So I hunted far and wide for the nearest thing, a beautiful pram with big spoked wheels and a large carry cot that you could prop up baby when they were eventually sitting up. One of my earliest memories is my brother and I sat in Silver Cross pram in the garden playing, so I think that this had a huge part to play in the pram selection.

Add in the fact that Dadda and I are both over 6 foot tall and so many prams didn’t extend to either reach our arms or the pram was so out of proportion to us, the carry cot looked like it was on the floor.

After much searching I found the most beautiful pram. The Bebecar Stylo Class Prive. My heart soared. It was perfect and I still love it as much now as I did on the day it arrived and I unpacked it from the box. The amount of comments the pram received made me so proud that I’d made a great choice in finding the perfect pram.20130816-090114.jpg 

Fresh out of the box

Sebastian was born in February and he remained in the carry cot attachment almost until his first birthday. It lasting us two freezing winters, all snuggled up under a mountain of blankets. A set of blue leather reins kept him in place when he got more mobile and was sitting up, happily playing with his toys.


My mum on our first walk to the prom20130816-090430.jpg 

Sebastian, sat up in his reins

Even now we use the pushchair attachment, it still feels very substantial, Sebastian is nice and high and can see everything that is going on. It gets so many comments about how lovely it is and I still feel so proud pushing my gorgeous boy around in it.


A trip to the zoo.

I love the pram so much I don’t think I could ever sell it, and hope my mum will find a home for it when we no longer need it, so it can be used for my brother and sisters if they ever have their own children. I really do feel like it is a family heirloom.

When we fell pregnant, my heart was hit with a dull ache… “A double pram” This was going to be hard… I have more issues with double prams than I do with singles.


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