What’s in a name?

Choosing a name for a new baby is one of the hardest decisions I think we made while pregnant. It is so hard to pick a name that a tiny little bundle of wonder will have for the rest of their lives. You almost have to imagine your unborn child as a baby, at school, as a stroppy teenager, getting married, becoming old to see if you still think the name may or may not suit them.babynamesifographicprams_tcm77-323156


Today the Office for National Statistics released the 2012 Baby Names List and I’ve been scouring the list, looking for some inspiration.

Our name if we ever had a daughter has been set in stone since we began our relationship. We found boy names a lot more difficult. We chose the name Sebastian quite randomly after scouring the baby name books, not really both liking anything in particular. I had a love for really old fashioned names like, Arthur, Albert, George and Oliver. Dadda had a love for really modern American names like, Brody, Carson, Logan & Jackson. It made finding something we both liked and agreed on so difficult. Then one night we were led in bed leafing through a name book and one of us suggested Sebastian, and that was that, name decided. I also threw in a curve ball to get the middle name I really wanted by asking for it straight after giving birth on the delivery ward.

This time again we are having difficulty in finding the perfect name, not only do we have to love it and imagine our son at the different stages of his life, we have to imagine him as a brother. We don’t like the same names this time round either which makes it all the more confusing.

Sebastian was 41st on the list, meaning he shares his name with 1,704 other little boys born last year, and in Sebastian’s circle of friends, there is another Sebastian. So I question would I go with something on a similar or more popular level this time round? To then have a child in his class at school with the same name?

Looking at our two top favourites at the moment, one sits in the top 50 and another in the 200’s. Should that dictate which name we choose come October?


One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. It’s quite a responsibility isn’t it! My sons are called Felix and Seth both of which were outside of the top 50 so not hugely popular – however there are 3 other Felix’s at his pre-school and i met another seth the other day too so staying off the beaten track doesn’t guarantee originality!

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