Week 32 – Bloody Platelets!


According to the baby books and apps, the littlest member of our family is about 42cms long and weighs about 3 ¾ pounds.

He now has full use of all of his senses, and is beginning to fatten up in preparation for his arrival.

The lungs still have some developing to do, but if he were to be born now he has a very good chance of survival.

After visiting the midwife last week, she confirmed that he is in a head down position with his back to my front, so it looks like my birthing ball activities are working and fingers crossed he will remain in this position until the birth.

Preparations for the New Arrival

The decorator has been booked in, and is due to start either Friday or Monday, so we need to clear the room and box up all the clutter. I also need to remember to take some photos of the room so I can show you the nursery makeover! Oh and I’ve also bought a mint chevron cushion and a yellow and white geometric cushion which were reduced in the sale to £1.50 each! Woo!

I’ve also begun to write my birth plan.


I’ve had a lot of cramp in my legs and ankles this week, and I’ve been struggling walking up and down hills, especially when I’ve been pushing the pram as well.

I had my blood test results back from the midwife last week and my blood platelet count is down, it’s supposed to be between 150 – 400 and my result came back at 139. Apparently it can be quite dangerous if it drops below 80 as you can have blood clotting issues, and a lot of blood loss. Which would make me high risk, goodbye lovely chilled water birth / midwife led care, hello consultantL. A quick consult to good old Google, and I’m stuffing my face with protein and fruit, to hopefully up my Platelet level. I have to have a blood test every 4 weeks now to track what’s going on.

My Whooping Cough jab also left me with a sore dead arm/shoulder for three days, which was just great with a toddler who wants a “pick-me-up/put-me-down” ten thousand times a day!


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